Dairy Free Iced Coffee

We are all for a creamy, iced coffee for an afternoon pick me up, just without the dairy.

Our almond milk is naturally thicker and creamier than the rest because we don't skimp on almonds (if we wanted water, we would've got it from the tap..!)

Just simple, honest ingredients and who doesn't want coffee over ice to cool them down in the sunshine!?

The Paleo Foods Co_18.04.20182742.jpg

Serves one


- 1 black coffee 

- Handful of ice cubes

- Paleo Foods Co. Almond Milk


1. Make a black coffee and leave to cool.

2. Add a handful of ice cubes to a glass or jar (place in the freezer for a while if possible) then pour the cooled coffee over the ice.

3. Pour as much almond milk as you prefer, stir and enjoy through a straw!

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